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Host the Ultimate Grinch Movie Night

If you've landed on our blog, I'm guessing you're planning a fun-filled Grinch movie night and need ideas. We've got several ideas to help, but have you thought about the version you'll screen for your guests? That's step one.

Currently, there are three adaptations of the story: 1966 - the original version featuring Boris Korloff; 2000 - the live-action version featuring Jim Carrey; and finally, the 2018 version featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Vote in our poll below for your personal favorite and check out these six ways to host the ultimate movie night:

  1. Choose Matching Attire

With everyone showing up for movie night, its a great time to take annual holiday photos. You can select matching theme pajamas or t-shirts only for your crew. Either option gives everyone a memorable keepsake for years to come.

2. Movie Tickets & Snack Boxes

I made these cute movie tickets and personalized them with guest names, dates, and times. Send in advance as an invitation or have it available for guests to give to the ticket taker for admission. Pack the snack boxes with treats to enjoy during the movie or send them home as party favors. We found these cute gable boxes on Amazon.

3. Baked Treats

Add themed cupcake picks and a cake topper to your desserts. I loved baking these treats for our family movie night. However, if that is not your passion, you can still take store-bought cakes and cupcakes to the next level by adding these special touches (not to mention save yourself some time)!


4. Coloring Card Sets

Plan for guests of all ages. Be sure that little ones with shorter attention spans have something to do that's entertaining and on-brand with the movie night theme. I used my Cricut to design this 4-piece coloring card set that was a big hit with everyone.

5. Flavored Popcorn

We all know movie experiences are not the same without popcorn. Rather than traditional buttered popcorn, opt for candied popcorn instead. It's simple, delicious, and easy to make. I made batches of green apple, strawberry cheesecake, and mixed in a few M&M candies. Select here for an easy recipe.

6. Hot Cocoa Bar

Serve hot cocoa with all the toppings: sprinkles, peppermint, marshmallows, whip cream, caramel and chocolate sauce. I even added chocolate spoons and cocoa bombs. For adults, I included spiked shots.

Which version of The Grinch is Best?

  • Dr. Seuss's 1966 Original Classic

  • Jim Carey's 2000 Live Action Version

  • Dreamworks 2018 Animated Version

  • All 3! Please Don't Make Me Choose.


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